“Eat well, Stressless, Move more, Love more,” Dr. Dean Ornish’s prescription for a healthy life.

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine teaches a lifestyle with a plant-based diet that’s naturally low in fat, exercise, stress management, and group support to maximize the many benefits of healthy living. Participants experience the program with a small, consistent group who all have the common goal of halting their heart disease. Just a little movement towards this lifestyle can help lower one’s blood sugar and even prevent diabetes. 

At our Ornish Cardiac Rehab site in Newark, DE we certainly have seen the Ornish Lifestyle benefits our clients with diabetes; Blood sugars and A1C’s have dropped to the extent that medications needed to be decreased. Nationally, in the first twelve weeks of the program, A1C numbers have been noted to drop anywhere from 5 to 13% depending on the individual. Lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight have also been noted at the end of the program.

Dr. Hosmane and staff attended the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Experiential Training Retreat given by Dr Dean Ornish Feb 4-7, 2020 in Nashville, TN

During the COVID 19 Pandemic, Dr. Vinay Hosmane and his business partner/co-medical director,  Dr. Hamid Deliri, offered their cardiac rehab program virtually for 5 months and free of charge.  As of October 2020, Intensive cardiac rehab has been approved for TeleHealth due to the pandemic. As a result, they will be offering a virtual format again. 


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