Medical Mission: Service Above Self

Lewes Rehoboth Rotary Team Returns from 2nd Medical-Surgical Mission to India

Dr. Vinay R. Hosmane (Cardiologist) returned from India this past February 2016 after leading an American team of 22 physicians, nurses, and non-medical personnel on a one week, Rotary sponsored, medical mission.

This second mission was the vision of his Father and Mother (Dr. & Mrs. R.U. Hosmane). His Father is a Urologist & Rotarian in Delaware. In December, his parents traveled to India to lay the groundwork for the mission and met with local stakeholders. Members of the local Indian Team included Hosmane Family members. Both times the teams were supported by the Lewes-Rehoboth Rotary Club. The last medical-surgical mission was in 2014.

The Hosmane Family led the group of American volunteers 10,000 miles to India. They traveled to Sirsi, Karnataka in South hosmaneIndia and partnered with T.S.S. Hospital and local Rotary Clubs. Indigent patients were seen at both multiple, outreach camps as well as the local hospital. Local, Indian physicians also participated and were tasked with taking on these patient as there own for follow-up care. Donated medical supplies were used on the trip.

Dr. Rey Agard, a local Physician & Member of Hands International, lent his vast expertise on the mission, as well as provided many of the much-needed supplies.

Over 850 patients were seen and 65 surgeries were performed. Many patients were seen during the week for follow-up care. This was more patients than seen in 2014.

Dr. Vinay Hosmane and his Cardiovascular team performed many exercise stress echocardiograms. This was the first time the test was performed in Sirsi.

In addition to caring for patients, the team participated in teaching students and nurses.

Dr. Vinay Hosmane stated:

“This second mission was a great success. We had a meaningful cultural and clinical exchange with our Indian counterparts. We worked very hard despite the conditions and were able to hand off our patients to local Indian physicians for continuity of care. I thank our team for making a great sacrifice from their businesses, families and personal lives. Despite the sacrifice, I know we all gained personally from the endeavour. Also, we had great camaraderie amongst our team. I am looking forward to the next mission. “


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The team consisted of the following:

American Team Members:

Vinay R. Hosmane, MD
Susan Chudzik, CRNP
Quincy Law, RDCS

R. U. Hosmane, MD
Mahmood Sadeghee, MD

Internal Medicine:
Rey Agard, MD
Heather Ragozine, MD
Pamela Bailey, MD
Jyothi Rao, MD
Chansimone, Syravanh, PA
Roopa Bhat, MD

Robert Wiltshire, MD

Arun Mahlhotra, MD

Kevin Geffe, DO

Beth Sargent, RN
Caroline Zonino, RN
Lynne Renne Mayes, RN
Deirdre Ritchie, RN
Kathryn MacDonald, RN
Nicole McCarry, RN
Matt McCarry, LPN

Non-Medical Volunteers:
Kusum Hosmane
Robert Wurzburg
Ingrid Agard
Richard Mayes
Jordan McCarry

India Team:

Dr. Vikram Hegde

Dr. P. S. Hegde

General Medicine:
Dr. R. M. Hegde

Dr. Ganesh Bhagwat

Non-Medical Volunteer:
Deepak Hegde

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