Hosmane Cardiology takes the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. Dr. Hosmane attended The George Washington University School of Public Health and hence has followed COVID-19 very closely and with great interest prior to its spread to the United States.

Based on his self-learning through the medical literature, webinars with overseas cardiologists, and his public health background he mandated all staff to wear masks and eye protection as of the second week of March 2020; this was well ahead of any other local medical facility. And we continue to believe in the use of masks to decrease the risk of transmission as well as becoming infected.

Screening questions and temperature checks for all were also implemented prior to state mandates. Soon after he shut down his cardiac rehabilitation facility, the first to do so in the area.

We began telehealth soon after CMS approved it for the pandemic. In order to maintain social distancing and limit the number of people in the office at any one time, telehealth is still utilized for ALL patients. Based on the virtual visit, many clients are then asked to come to the office for in person exams and/or testing.

Everyone at Hosmane Cardiology is undergoing frequent COVID-19 testing; both nasal swab and antibody testing.  In addition to frequent disinfectant treatments, the office has installed HEPA filtration units in all rooms and is utilizing clear plastic barriers between patients and clinicians. UV lights have been installed in both HVAC units.

Hosmane Cardiology has managed to obtain enough PPE, disinfectants, and cleaning supplies. All have been very hard to procure. High-quality masks are being utilized; 3 ply surgical, N95, and KN95.  No ‘gator’ masks are allowed.   Not only have we had to adapt to a new way of practicing medicine but have also had to learn about COVID-19 on the fly and continue to do so.

We are now experiencing an immense amount of patient phone calls and requests for visits. We use a computerized, phone tree, answering system. This allows us to triage requests. Please leave a message and we will get back to you.

Hosmane Cardiology continues to think outside of the box in order to stay ahead of the curve and keep all staff and patients safe. We do ask that you do bear with us during this unprecedented time as we test the limits of our technology and our team members while continuing to do what we do best to the best of our ability.

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