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Get to Know the NEW Optifast – Weight Loss Management Program


What is Optifast:

The Optifast program is a comprehensive obesity management program that combines the proven essential features of weight loss success to help patients conquer their obesity challenges and obesity-related comorbidities such as Hypertension, High Cholesterol, and Diabetes.


The program is committed to the patients:

  • A medically monitored program that offers ongoing HCP and patient support to encourage success.
  • Nutritional profile of Optifast 800 products includes increased protein, reduction in total sugars, and an addition of soluble fiber.
  • Long standing legacy in clinical nutrition with more than 40 years of experience in weight loss.
  • Supported by more than 80 publications and ongoing research.

What’s New at Optifast

  • Optifast 800 Products
  • New, contemporary packaging
  • Easy to Read Benefit Icons
  • Easy to Identify Flavors
  • Color coded by item with cross-selling information on side panel
  • Same size boxes and shippers will not disrupt clinic storage.
  • New Product and new flavor options.

Nutrient Content of OPTIFAST 800 products:

  • Reduction in total sugars
  • Excellent source of protein, now with 16 grams per serving.
  • Good source of fiber, now with 3 grams of soluble prebiotic fiber per serving.
  • All OPTIFAST products remain nutritionally complete meal replacements.
  • Excellent source of at least 24 vitamins and minerals (varies by product).
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Dr. Hosmane’s staff discuss the Optifast Program


You see her every day you walk into the office, but did you know that Alyssia is also the Optifast Weight Loss Program administrator for Dr. Hosmane?  Being the administrator gives her a front row seat to the positive changes the patients that are going through the program make such as losses of greater than 50 pounds, discontinuing certain medications and an overall positive outlook on life.  Don’t take her word for it, click here to learn about two patients’ journey on the Optifast Weight Loss Program.

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Patients Journey on Optifast Weight Loss Program


Patients Weight Loss Journey

Frank and Bob, two of Dr. Hosmane’s patients recently came together to discuss their weight loss journey with the Optifast Weight Loss program.  They discuss how working with Dr. Hosmane and the Optifast team allowed them to be educated about the benefits and how to successfully work around their schedules to achieve their weight loss goals.

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