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1st Walk with a Doc of 2017

Walk with a Doc Event

Hosmane Cardiology had the 1st Walk with a Doc (WWAD) event of 2017 on May 25 for stroke awareness month. We walked 1.3 miles and 3400 steps to decrease our stroke risk.

Thanks to AliveCor for sponsoring our walk and bringing their health care technology ————Blood pressure cuffs and personal EKG monitors that automatically upload to our online portal!   This allows Hosmane Cardiology to remotely monitor our clients (See how it works below or come into the office for a demonstration). The Alivecor telemetry monitors are a great tool for screening for abnormal heart rhythms and to help us titrate your medical therapy.


These devices help treat and screen for hypertension and for atrial fibrillation both of which cause strokes.
Other risk factors for stroke include: Tobacco Use, Diabetes, Unhealthy diet, Lack of Exercise, Obesity, and High cholesterol.

780,000 strokes occur in the USA per year.
We ask that you and your loved ones remember the acronym FAST (from the American Heart Association)

F = Facial asymmetry

A = arm weakness

S = speech difficulty

T = Time to call 911  (Call 911 and don’t try to drive. Your EMS crew will know the closest stroke center which will give you the highest chance of survival and recovery)

Download a FAST Poster from American Heart Association.

Please discuss with your healthcare provider regarding screening for your risk factors for stroke.

Thank you again to everyone that came out.

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Be Safe and Keep Walking
Dr H.

Dr. Hosmane Brings Walking Non-Profit Walk with a Doc to Delaware

Hosmane Cardiology brings Walking Non-Profit Walk with a Doc to Delaware

Dr. Hosmane and his office are proud to announce a partnership with Walk with a Doc with the goal to promote walking for a walkbetter health.  Walk with a Doc is a non-profit organization that encourages healthy physical activity in people of all ages as it provides significant advantages over a sedentary lifestyle.

Dr. Hosmane believes in a healthy lifestyle as his patients see every day as he walks around with Hint Water and promotes the Optifast Weight Loss program.

The idea behind Walk with a Doc was a simple one.  Dr. Sabgir (Walk with a Doc Founder) got frustrated about the lack of physical activity his patients were getting so he invited them out for a walk.  That first walk was in 2005 and evolved into Walk with a Doc and 160 chapters nationwide where doctors and patients walk together and talk about living the healthy lifestyle outside of the 4 walls of a doctor’s office.

See Dr. Sabgir talk with CNN about the non-profit organization.  Send us a message or Follow us on Facebook to see when our next Walk is.