Dr. Hosmane Brings Walking Non-Profit Walk with a Doc to Delaware

Hosmane Cardiology brings Walking Non-Profit Walk with a Doc to Delaware

Dr. Hosmane and his office are proud to announce a partnership with Walk with a Doc with the goal to promote walking for a walkbetter health.  Walk with a Doc is a non-profit organization that encourages healthy physical activity in people of all ages as it provides significant advantages over a sedentary lifestyle.

Dr. Hosmane believes in a healthy lifestyle as his patients see every day as he walks around with Hint Water and promotes the Optifast Weight Loss program.

The idea behind Walk with a Doc was a simple one.  Dr. Sabgir (Walk with a Doc Founder) got frustrated about the lack of physical activity his patients were getting so he invited them out for a walk.  That first walk was in 2005 and evolved into Walk with a Doc and 160 chapters nationwide where doctors and patients walk together and talk about living the healthy lifestyle outside of the 4 walls of a doctor’s office.

See Dr. Sabgir talk with CNN about the non-profit organization.  Send us a message or Follow us on Facebook to see when our next Walk is.

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